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"On average, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes"

Home Staging Services help to take your home and make it ready for a new start. As our house becomes our home, our eyes become blind to little imperfections. Home Staging Experts are trained to spot those imperfections and work to minimize them while playing up the positives.

Professional Home Staging begins with a walk-through and detailed assessment of your home. We take note of what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale.

Services include decluttering, depersonalizing, improving flow, editing decor and furnishings, and suggesting improvements that will increase your profit. At JLC Designs, our home sale prep and owner occupied staging packages are reasonable and customizable. Our goal is to implement reasonable changes that make a big impact. We offer the following packages:

  • Home Sale Prep Walkthrough Services
  • Occupied Home Staging Consultation, includes detailed report
  • Full-Service Occupied Home Staging

Fixing hot messes, one house at a time