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Make a statement!

October 24, 2023

Do you ever look around your house and feel uninspired? Have your ever seen a vintage poster that lit your heart on fire, or a funky piece of art hanging in a window that excited you? Is your next thought, "I could never pull that off in my house"? I have a secret to tell you- Yes you can! There are no hard and fast rules that apply to how you choose to style your home.

For whatever reason, we think that as "grown-ups", we should have a house that is traditional. Something that blends in with the rest of the world. We accept that enthusiasm, bright colors, and bold patterns are made for children. When we become adults, we exchange those invigorating choices for something we see in a furniture flyer. We copy someone else's idea instead of curating our own vision.

The next time you see something that lights your heart on fire, get it. Proudly display it as something that brings you joy. To quote Coco Chanel, "an interior is the natural projection of the soul". May your home and your soul be bold and inspiring.