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Our Style

Our designs use colors, textures, and patterns that are inspired by nature to create timeless looks. We incorporate both old and new pieces in our designs to make spaces that are eclectic, yet harmonious. While some spaces are more modern and others are more whimsy, JLC Designs seeks to stay true to the character of the home and environment. We strive to produce an inviting and elegant space that is aligned with your personality and lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to design with purpose, creating spaces that are meant to be lived in.

Interior Design

Your home is the space in which you will laugh, unwind, recall old memories and make new ones. Interior designers have the privilege of creating art in which you will live your life. The process of designing your space starts with communication. In our initial meeting, we review your style preferences, lifestyle, and requirements for functionality within the space. Once you have chosen JLC Designs as your interior design company, we create a proposal to fit your budget. Space planning, color choices, furnishings, window treatments, lighting, and accent pieces are selected with you in mind. From the initial concept to the final product, we include you in the decision-making process. We communicate and partner with you to create a space that meets your needs. Whether your style is earthy, modern, minimalistic, or eclectic, we work with you to produce a cohesive look. The goal of interior design is to assist the client with making a space that looks as well as it functions. We help you create a space that is meant for real-life, not a magazine. Our mantra is to always design with purpose.

Home Staging

Listing your home for sale can be a big undertaking. From selecting the right agent to inviting potential buyers into your home, the process of making your home perfect can be overwhelming. Home staging experts bring knowledge and experience to help you get the most for your home. After carefully reviewing your property, we play up the positives and distract from the negatives. The process of depersonalizing a space allows potential home buyers to envision themselves in your home. By accentuating the natural beauty of your home, we create an atmostphere that is fresh and inviting. The result is a home that potential home buyers cannot resist.

Our professional home staging provides a range of services based on your needs. From depersonalization and decluttering to rearranging furniture and integrating new pieces, services are customized to you. Whether you choose a consultation with detailed report of changes you'll do yourself, or full service staging where we take care of the work for you, our packages are both flexible and reasonable.

The Backstory

Who doesn't like a good backstory?

My name is Jayne Celeste and I am the creator of JLC Designs. Coming from a family of artists, I have always had a clear vision of myself as an interior designer. After high school, I was accepted into Drexel University to pursue my dream. The universe, however, had a different plan. After the birth of my first child (and his extended stay in the intensive care unit), I was inspired to become a neonatal nurse. I followed my heart, knowing that one day it would lead me back to design.

My passion for design persisted. I renovated rooms, painted murals, and advised family and friends in all things interior design. I welcomed the challenge of flipping rooms in homes, stripping wallpaper, refacing cabinets, and adding fresh coats of paint to walls. After 15 years as a neonatal nurse, I decided it was finally time to pursue my passion.  I completed classes and certifications in art, interior design, and home staging. 

Today, I use the skills I have learned as a nurse to be a stronger designer. I use my critical thinking skills to visualize spaces, solve problems, and improve functionality. I use my experiences with caring and compassion to understand my clients dreams and desires. I take inspiration from nature, travel, and the world around me to create calm and inspiring spaces. I hope to help my clients conceptualize their dream space and make it reality.

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